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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning to Hear

When we closed our business, all I wanted to do was run away.  The prospect of moving to another state was looking really good, and we started thinking about when we would sell our house.

"Lord, please help us to know if we are doing the right thing". 

At Christmastime, we were invited to my hub's company party.  (A little history - my hub works from home, and his company is actually one state away from us, about a 3.5 hour drive).  This was the first party in a few years due to the economy and we really wanted to go - not just for the party, but to look at houses around the city.  You know, scope it out...just in case.  In addition, we were invited to breakfast the morning after the party at the home of one of the company managers.  We were starting to feel things falling into place.

The party was wonderful, and breakfast the next day was, let's just say, informative.  The company is privately owned, and there is currently a lot of family drama.  We knew about some of it through the grapevine, but not being local we were unaware of the depth of the issues at hand. 

All of a sudden, thoughts turned from 'what if we were to move here' to 'what if there's no job to move here for?'

"God, is that you?"

For the past nine months or so, I've been filling in periodically for one of the media team at our church.  We have big screens in our worship center on which we project graphics, song lyrics, and message notes.  Learning the program, Media Shout, has helped me find my place to volunteer in our church.  I'm a behind the scenes kind of girl anyway, so this works well for me. 

Two weeks ago I was approached about taking over Media Shout on a permanent basis.  As it turns out, the person who runs it now is leaving the church.  And in addition, my hub was asked to take on more volunteer projects that are right up his alley.

Just coincidence?

And all the while, I walk around confused, wondering what God has for us next.

Sometimes we go blind and deaf when our eyes are fixed on what WE want.  Remember...all I wanted was to run away.

All of this month, the message series at church has been 'Life's GPS'.  Funny how it always seems to line up with our circumstances. 

I believe God gives us the opportunity to hear what we need to hear when we need to hear it, and he guides us to where we are needed the most.  All we need to do is listen, and trust.