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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We ran away to the beach for a couple of days and being in a bathing suit reminded me that I've put on a few pounds. Now that we are back, I've decided to take advantage of all the resources surrounding me and start taking better care of my body. For the past two days I've actually stuck to a 1200 calorie eating plan (not diet!), have taken my protein supplements, and have exercised.

I have never been a fitness fanatic and past attempts have fallen by the wayside. I would lose 10 lbs. and then go back to my poor eating habits, putting it all back on. This time, because my age is catching up with me and pounds will be harder to shed in the future, I am attempting to make it a true lifestyle change. One way to make this easier is I will allow myself one meal each week of something that I really want, such as a Five Guys burger. (YUM!) This will also allow my husband and I to go out at least once a week, which is what we are used to. Already I feel pumped that I've made it a couple of days and have not been hungry. My true problem is snacking especially between lunch and dinner so I've made sure I have the right things to snack on. The protein supplements really help as they provide the added nutrition as well as keep me from being so hungry between meals.

I have my annual checkup today with my family physician. Over the past year I've had some issues related to what I'm chalking up to aging and hope this is all it is. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday's message at church taught us that sometimes God gives us less, or gives us just enough, or even gives us more than we ask for. This really hit home with me as especially when it comes to our business - I EXPECT God to always give us more. Why should I? How would I learn if I always get what I want and expect? By giving us less, or just enough, God shapes us into who He wants us to be. When He thinks we are ready, He will give us more.

I am trying so hard to be patient. This has never been an attribute of mine. But when God gives me little glimpses into how He works and reminds me that NOTHING is impossible, that God can do ANYTHING, I am fortified. He knows me better than anyone and knows what I need. If we just put our faith in Him, He will lead us to where we need to be. It might not be on our clock but on His, and that is what we have to learn and accept.