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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving forward

It's my first post in March...I am failing miserably at this blogging thing :(

With so much going on I should have tons to talk about and to share.  I suppose I've turned inside myself instead.

We've been so busy fixing up our house to sell.  We are moving three hours northeast to another state to be closer to my hub's job. 

So far, there are new kitchen countertops, a new stone backsplash, a garage that has been painted, walls that have been touched up, and new dining room drapes.  We have a pool and the concrete deck is sinking so we're having that repaired.  And there is still more landscaping and painting to come.

We're not sure how fast a sale could possibly happen.  Our house is unique, and it will be staged nicely.  But, am I ready?

This is the house I moved into when I married my hub almost nine years ago.  This area is all we've known together.  We have a church that we love, and even though my daughter and my parents are an hour away, that is close enough to quickly jump in the car if I am needed.

But, now may be the time for my hub and I to focus on moving forward.  We had a side business that closed down last year and the experience has been difficult for us.  His 'real' job is what he needs to be fully committed to now and they want us there.  As for my job, I can work anywhere.  Just give me a phone line and an internet connection and I'm ready to go.  For the record, the town we're moving to is very nice and we've always loved it.  It's bigger than what we're used to and we are excited about the opportunities there.

I've been working with the media team at our church and I've loved every minute of it.  The thought of leaving behind the new and exciting things I've learned makes me sad, but maybe there is a church there that needs both of us more.

So, I'm conflicted.  But what I need to remember and trust is that God will lead us where He wants us.  If our house doesn't sell quickly, then maybe He wants us to wait.  It's all up to Him.

And I'm looking forward to whatever adventure He has in store.

"Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid."