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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Blessing from Above

My hubby and I were talking last month and dreaming about what we will do with our lives once the business sells. I said something to the effect that I will go back to my former transcription employer and BEG for them to take me back so I can have a secure full-time job.

Well, no begging will be necessary.

Yesterday, out of the blue, my phone rang and it was my former employer OFFERING me a job. And not just any job. A coveted position with a highly regarded hospital, fantastic working hours and fabulous pay.

For the past year and a half I thought this transcription company didn't appreciate me and what I had done before we opened our business. I was crushed when they didn't want to hire me back when I tried to go back part time after we opened the business. Now they are telling me that I have a very good reputation of doing good work and being very dependable.

My first thought was how can I handle a full time job NOW? We are desperately trying to sell the business and trying to keep the place afloat until it does sell. If I am away from there for most of the day, every day plus some weekends, all of the burden falls on my husband's shoulders. I wasn't sure I could live with this.

That is, until my precious hubby reminded me that this is what I wanted, it just didn't happen with MY timing, and I needed to reconsider and call them back quickly. Which is what I did. And within an hour I was awarded this job. Woo hoo!

Okay, so now where to start? I must start reorganizing my life and my brain to start thinking like a full-time employee. Even though I have the pleasure of working from home, I must still keep myself on a schedule and work the hours that I am committed to. Let's face it - I've gotten lazy and now I'm scared.

But scared in a GOOD way. Wish me luck!

Since it's Saturday I will put this all aside for now and go enjoy a day with my daughter, shopping and celebrating with a lunchtime margarita. Ole!