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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Love Technology

Now, normally you would not hear me say such a thing.  I am always the last one to get an up to date computer, phone, or anything else 'techy' all the kids are getting. 

So, I was wary when I received a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas.  Yes, I wanted it because I want to get in shape without having to go to a gym. may sound lazy, but if the technology is too complicated I will put it away rather than try to figure it out.  I just don't have the patience.

No chance of this with the Wii.  This thing is FABULOUS!  First of all, it is easy.  You just follow along with the instructions or with the trainer on the screen.  It teaches you how to balance with games, so it is fun.  I crack up laughing when I am exercising!  There are games like skiing, soccer, hula hoop, and step aerobics, along with strength training and yoga.  It tracks your progress and tells you every day how many calories you've burned.  You can go at your own pace.  It is perfect for anyone who hasn't exercised in a while and is completely out of shape (moi!)

With yoga, if you're like me you're never sure if you're doing the poses correctly.  The Wii board can tell how balanced you are and how much weight you are distributing on your legs and will correct you if you are out of balance.  I have back and neck issues and the stretches are really helping. 

The best part is, it is so much fun!  It makes me WANT to exercise.  My hub and I are actually now jockeying for space in the living room.  He also got the EA Sports kit where you put the sensors on your body and it tracks your movements.  All of a sudden, he's turned into a jock!

This concludes my highly recommended product review!  Happy exercising!