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Saturday, December 25, 2010

We're not dreaming, it is a White Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

It is snowing in central Georgia!  I've lived here for 37 years and this is a first on Christmas!

I hope Santa brought everything you wanted.  I got my Wii Fit, so I'm set for the new year!

Maddy and Mason loved all the paper and bows.  And a Christmas miracle happened...they napped together on the bench during our festivities.  (Is it possible they really do love each other, or maybe they were just escaping the hoopla?)

It's been a wonderful day aside from a terrible headache that's been with me for the last couple of days.  I've never had a migraine but I would imagine this is what one feels like.  Ever the hostess tho, I am trying to power through the pain. 

I saw the Pet Blogger Hop on Cat Chat so thought I'd jump in.  Welcome!  I hope you've had a blessed day!