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Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's time to load up on vitamins because the holiday officially starts for me at 4:01 today.  I get off work at 4 and will hit the ground running. 

I'm already tired and the real work hasn't begun!  We have been so busy this week.  We will have a house full for the weekend and although I love it, it is stressful because I am somewhat anal of a perfectionist.  I really do just need to relax and not get overwhelmed.  I think my MIL will love me whether my house is clean or not but I would like things to be just right for her first ever Christmas at our house.

My hubby is cleaning the bathrooms (I know, he's a saint) so there's a step in the right direction already.

We will start the holiday tomorrow night at my mom's.  We're keeping it casual with chili and baked potatoes, and lots of laughs courtesy of a White Elephant gift exchange.  My family has never done this but since we are now without little children around (ahem, Ashley?) we needed something to liven things up a bit.  A few whacky gifts and a glass of wine should do the trick.  We played this at a party last weekend and it was hilarious.

All of our kids will be at our house Christmas morning along with my mother in law and sister in law.  We will have deep dish banana nut french toast, breakfast casserole, mimosas and bellinis.  Later in the afternoon, my parents and friends will arrive and we will have pork tenderloin and all the trimmings.  We live in the south, and as of right now there is actually a chance we'll have a white Christmas, which would look a little like this:

This picture is from last February.  We actually had three snowfalls earlier this year, which is more than we usually get.  It's exciting, but most southerners don't know how to drive in the stuff so it might mess up road travel plans for my already wary parents, so I almost wish it would wait until Sunday.  Anyone have a sled I can borrow?  : )

Merry Christmas, everyone!