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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Check up Time *sigh*

How can someone love their pet so much yet not want to take him to the vet? 

Unfortunately, this is me.

I remember when I was little girl, my mom would never tell me ahead of time when we were going to the doctor.  She would just put me in the car under the guise of going somewhere else and then we would end up at the doctors office.  I'd scream and holler but was promised a sucker for being good so that made everything better. 

I don't think the cat will respond as well, even to the promise of Temptation snacks.

Mason has been my baby for almost 14 years and is a well loved, well cared for indoor kitty.  He used to go to the vet regularly until he was about 8...then I took him to a new vet that was closer to my house. 

BIG MISTAKE...and I'm sure other cat owners will agree, a cat never forgets.  I honestly believe this horrible man who calls himself a pet lover (and somehow is still in business) abused my sweet boy.  What kind of vet complains that a cat scratched him?  What does he expect in his business?

Since that time, Mason has turned into a hissing, scratching, screaming devil kitty any time anyone with any authority tries to touch him.  It is traumatizing for us both. 

So, he's got an appointment next week with a cat only vet that he has seen before but had to be sedated to be examined and the sedation gave him bronchitis, so I fear this.  He has a chronically cloudy eye from a scratch that's been treated but won't completely clear up.  And now, his other eye has a spot in it.  His right ear bothers him and he coughs sometimes.  It's just time for a good checkup, and I'm scared of the experience as well as possible results.

The deep seated fear of losing my elderly kitty is raising its ugly head.  I know I may be overreacting, but it's difficult not to.

I'm a coward when it comes to experiencing anyone or anything in distress and Mason may have reacted to MY fear before, so my sweet husband is going with me.  Of the two of us, he has the better ability to control.  I'm a softy, and both of the cats know it.  I am hopeful he will do better with his daddy and possibly not react so violently.

Any advice and prayers would surely be appreciated.  Wish us luck!