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Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday afterthoughts

I feel sad today.

Is it day-after-holiday let down? I don't know.

I think I woke up hopeful this morning but then my mother-in-law, who had only been with us a day and a half, was up at 7:00 and already getting ready to leave. I should expect this, but it still hurts my feelings. Any time she has ever come to visit, once the reason she is here is over she is ready to go home - IMMEDIATELY. My hubby said he was surprised she didn't go home last night. Oh well.

Then, when we go to visit her, she is so ready to kick us out as soon as we are done with whatever we were visiting for. If we go to church on Sunday, after lunch she sits and looks at us and talks about how much she has to do and that the cat will sure be happy once we are gone. Cue to leave? I think so.

Ah, family.

Our holiday celebration was here and it was very nice. There were eight of us, so everyone fit around the table which was great. We laughed and told stories and everyone had a great time. Everyone being here also means lots of leftovers in my fridge. My parents did not eat with us yesterday but came to visit later, and my mom brought a whole pan of her mouth-watering cornbread dressing to eat with the leftovers. This alone will be breakfast, lunch and dinner for me for a few days! (I think the ingredients fit in all the food groups for all meals). I told the kids there will be no cooking today outside of the microwave. (They are 18 and 20 so I think they will survive.) Tomorrow we will celebrate Tara's 21st birthday and will cook shrimp and steak on the grill, so we will be somewhat back to normal.

I'm not a fan of Black Friday and have not gone shopping today (gasp!). Ashley called with stories about what she encountered at midnight madness at the outlets and then at Walmart, so I know I was right to stay home. To me, the money I would save is not worth the frustration. Oh my, am I getting old or what?

I will be going through Christmas decorations this evening so hopefully will get in the spirit. Wish me luck! For now, I'm off to the fridge for a glass of my beverage of choice.