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Thursday, December 3, 2009


We've gone public.

Our business is officially for sale. It has been privately for some time now, but we felt it was time to announce it to everyone at our Center.

We had a staff meeting today and let our employees know, and also let some clients know who were interested in the franchise at one point, that we are available to purchase.

My hubby is kind of wound up today about it and is ready to drop the price since we haven't had any serious 'tire kickers' in the months it has been officially listed. We have such visions of being free from this and how our lives will improve, but we must wait until we know in our hearts that the time is right.

Our employees were very receptive. A couple of them were very nice and said no one could replace us, that we've been the best 'bosses'. We really appreciate hearing this as we've worked very hard to build good relationships with our girls. In turn they also know that we are burned out, and some new blood in the place could create better opportunities for some of them who are ready to move up.

I think this can be a good opportunity for someone who is willing to step in full time and run the place the way we've not been able to.

We also gave out Christmas gifts today, and all of the girls had a large box filled with cheese, breads, crackers and all kinds of treats for us. It was a very good meeting filled with good cheer and not at all as I had feared once we announced the news of the impending sale.

I am hopeful, and I am ready to move on.