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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Okay, let's start over

Yes, I know it's been three months since I've posted anything, not that anyone is paying attention anyway! I read my daughter's blog daily (kindredly) and she inspires me to write, but then it all spills out wrong. I will throw caution to the wind once again and attempt to publish this one.

Things haven't changed too much. The main focus of our lives is still the Center and the need to sell it. We just keep praying for the right person to materialize and until then, we just keep plugging away daily (with a few tears over wine or margaritas on my part!)

I hired a new girl a few weeks ago as more of a utility person and she normally only works one to two shifts a week. Already I had some complaints from other employees about her and so I decided to have a chat with her about how things were going. That conversation went well, and after watching her for an hour or so during her shift I was convinced that she just needs more time to get to know the clients and become more comfortable in the position. Only working a day or two here and there didn't give her the time to develop the relationships yet that the other employee's had. Since I worked late this past Friday, it gave me the opportunity to see her at work during her entire shift. I was completely pleased with her ability to relate to the ladies and felt great until toward the end of her shift when I nicely corrected her on something, and she snapped back at me as if I wasn't HER BOSS. (Hair on back of neck stood up). Oh, what to do? I think one of the things I've learned throughout this entrepreneurial experience is not to react so quickly, to marinate the words before I speak, so I just kept quiet for the time. Before we closed she ended up coming up to me and apologizing, so for now I'm just letting it lie. Other than cutting her two days back to one, I am not sure how I will move forward on this one. Suggestions?

One of my insecurities in life is my ability to relate to people, and having employees has been a tough one for me. My husband says I'm too nice and that I talk with them like they are my friends instead of employees, but I don't know any other way to do it in our small business environment. What I do know is we have many employees that have been with us for more than a year and I feel blessed by that, and so maybe being nice isn't a bad thing...although being disrespected is.

On a lighter note, I have been running around our house like a madwoman fixing things up for the holidays. Walls that have too many picture holes in them are being repainted. White ceiling fans are being replaced with more appropriate bronze-black fans. I'm spray painting antique gold trim on mirrors and frames to a darker, more rubbed bronze look (a great budget-friendly way to modernize accessories). Also, Ross has become one of my favorite places lately. I am finding some great pictures, rugs and throws at great prices. Things are coming together.

And YAY! Three weeks from this next Saturday we are New York City bound! Can't wait!