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Monday, February 14, 2011

Missing my Valentine

I am thankful for my husband everyday, but especially today when there is a day set aside to express LOVE!  Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet guy, who unfortunately is away on business right now.  Our first Valentine's Day apart in 10 years, so it's bittersweet. 

Below is a picture from Valentine's Day a few years ago and one of my favorites.

Before he left yesterday, I was surprised with a wonderful box full of goodness...

If you haven't tried Fairytale Brownies, be good to yourself and order some today.  By far, the best packaged brownies you will ever eat! 

I definitely don't feel as guilty eating one (or two!) of the magic morsels rather than the full size ones they also sell...but still think I'd better get some extra activity points built up this week on Weight Watchers Online.  Sooo good!  Thanks, honey!

I hope everyone has had a blessed day filled with LOVE!