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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Only in my Mind

A couple of years ago I asked for a camera small enough to fit into my purse so no photo op would ever pass me by.  My sweet hub bought me an awesome little Canon and it's been at my side constantly since then.

So yesterday when I took my daughter out for her birthday, there were going to be many zany opportunities for pictures. 

Unless of course you forget to charge the battery.

Which I did.

And I have no pictures except in my head, so I will share the details so you can get a picture in your mind too:

Driving into downtown Atlanta (two brown haired 'girls' chatting like mad and driving in crazy traffic.  Ashley's phone constantly dinging with birthday messages)

Ashley opens her birthday presents (beautiful girl squealing with delight when she finds a Kindle in the box)

Arriving at the "AMC Fork and Screen" for lunch and a movie (getting lost, walking up to street level from the parking lot, wind blowing us to pieces, going back to parking deck to ask attendant where the theatre is and finding out we walked in the opposite direction from it)

Sitting at our little table in a dark theatre and pushing the red button to order our lunch (noshing on cheeseburger with fries and chicken sandwich with onion rings, making puffy cheeks to show how full we were of junk food)

Watching the movie "Just Go With It" (shooting each other crazy looks and cracking up!  ~Movie highly recommended, btw~)

Leaving the theatre (uneventfully) and driving to our favorite shopping spot, TJMaxx (arms full of clothes, purses, scarves, and a token ironing board for my hub's travels)

And best for last, pedicures for the weary feet (Ashley making faces because she can't stand having things between her toes.  Me sweating, because I'm, well, in that place in life right now, especially when my feet are in hot we are having an unusually warm February!)

And, oh yes, there was the two hour commute back to reality.  (Friday traffic, dropping Ashley at her car, hub calling 'where are you?' and me running to the loo as soon as I arrived home!!)

All in all, it was a wonderful day!  I love spending time with my best girl.  But MY age is showing today.  I'm exhausted!

Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!