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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Change is good

I SHOULD be a great blogger because I most always have something to say. I am going to make a genuine effort to post at least one thing a day going forward. Let's call it an exercise in consistency. I've tried to update my profile as best I can to accurately describe myself and my life should anyone be interested in reading! Now if I can just figure out how to insert pictures...

Our days are getting easier. Our business has been closed for a month and we are starting to feel the relief that comes with less stress and responsibility. Even though the process is not complete (we still have our lease and the landlord to settle with), I believe we've been blessed with a sense of peace for the time being.

One of the uncertainties lately in our lives is whether or not we will be moving to another state. My husband's employer is located about three hours from where we currently live and the possibility of moving to that area has become real now that my husband's children are grown. (He moved to this area nine years ago to be with his children when his former wife moved them away after their divorce). I would love the adventure of living in a new place if this is where we are meant to be. The ties we have to this area are my family, including my aging parents who are now within an hour's drive, our church, as well as the possibility that I hope to be a 'glamma' one day and always thought I would be close by for my daughter. As it is now, we don't see each other very often with just an hour or so between us because of our busy lives. Is it possible that if we were farther away that our visits could be more meaningful and quality filled?