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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Has it really been that long?

Wow, I just read my last entry and realized it was almost 10 months ago! Shame on me. I get the lazy blogger award.

A lot has happened since we've moved but much has stayed the same too. My furry children, Maddy and Mason, are doing great! Mason was diagnosed with kidney disease last year but to be 15 years old, he is doing well. Princess Maddy is healthy and happy as long as she gets lots of attention, her shrimp every day (yes, spoiled, I know) and gets to go outside.

 Maddy - Me is sunbathing

Mason - I'll stay on my heating pad

We have settled in well to Greenville, SC. It is beautiful here, and we love the urban lifestyle that we now have. We live three blocks off of Main St. where there is always something going on. We have shops, restaurants, concerts, baseball games, bike trails and parks all within walking distance.

Petting the boar's nose downtown

Breaking news...I just turned 50 years old! We went to Cancun to celebrate...

Sunrise in Cancun

...and then visited Georgia for what turned out to be a surprise party courtesy of my beautiful daughter.

Yep, they got me

On the homefront, my hubby has gone from working at home for many years to now working in an office. Working at home and being removed from the office politics is easier but sometimes it keeps you out of the loop. He is fully in the loop now, and much is being uncovered. If you read my posts from the past, you know we had a side business that failed. We've trusted God throughout this journey and He is showing us that He can use that failure for good. All of the knowledge that my hub gained from that failed experience is now being used to make things better for his employer. I'm proud of him for what he is accomplishing for them, even if he doesn't get the pat on the back (yet) that he deserves.

I'm still working as a radiology transcriptionist but happily went part time as of the first of the year. I'm also working with my husband's company to process book orders for retailers. I'm able to do both of these jobs from home, which I love!

That's all the news for now. I will try to stay current!