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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Adventure!

I has been doing lots for the past two weeks!

One day, all of our stuff was put in boxes.  Here is me supervising -

Mommy, I counted over 200 boxes!

Then one day, mommy put me in my crate and we rode in the car for a really, really long time.  I cried a lot, and so did my bubby Mason.

Me in daddy's office - not happy

We ended up at a big house in the sky (mommy said we were on the 6th floor).  I could see cars and peoples everywhere way down on the ground!  I was scared and hid under the bed for two days.  My bubby Mason was mad and hid in the poopy box until mommy took him out and fed him, and then he was happy.

I could see water too

When I came out a couple of days later I wasn't scared anymore and I LOVED sitting in the window watching the wind blow the trees and all the cars go by.

This is peaceful me

Then one day, mommy put me back in my crate.  Me and Mason got REALLY, REALLY mad and we screamed for a whole half mile to our new house (that is NOT in the sky).

Our new front door

So, here I am again, under the bed for a few days (it IS nice and cool under here)...

Go away, mommy!

 But guess what?  I came out today and slept on mommy's desk, just like at our old house -

I sleep with the mouse

Mommy was SO happy.  Maybe it won't be so bad after all.  Look at how happy mommy and daddy are to be here -

 Love, Maddy