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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Too much death

There have been too many people dying lately. It all started with the adult son of my next door neighbors who died suddenly and unexpectedly from an infection about a week and a half ago. He was only in his 30s and had a wife and two young children. I've never seen my neighbors so devastated. It is difficult to see people you love in pain.

Now, this week it is Farrah, who I suppose we knew would pass soon since she had been so sick. But, Michael Jackson? What a shock. I can't say that I am devastated by the news, but I am a child of the 60s and 70s and have fond memories of him from the pre-scandal days. I know he was a tortured soul but still, it is tough to see anyone with children pass and leave them without a parent.

Now, this afternoon I saw on MSN that Billy Mays, the Oxy Clean pitchman, has also died. What is going on here? Now they are saying he hit his head on a bumpy flight yesterday and this may have something to do with his unexpected death. He was only 50! Now, you may ask, why does this affect me so? Well, I had really started to like him after watching his TV series on Discovery, 'Pitchmen'. He seemed like such a nice guy, and had such a wonderful close friendship with Anthony Sullivan, another pitch guy on the show. I can only imagine how devastated he must be at this moment.

I am torn on the subject of death. Yes, I am a Christian and believe that we are only here for a time - that our true home is in heaven. And I believe that those that pass on and do enter the Kingdom are truly at peace once they are there. It is those of us who are left behind that suffer. Do we suffer just because we miss their presence, or do we suffer because we agonize over where they might be and whether or not we will see them again? I suppose it depends, and I try not to judge because sometimes we don't know if someone has a relationship with God, especially if they are famous. You just don't see celebrities for the most part promoting their religious beliefs. It's not the cool thing to do.

Rest in peace Bill, Farrah, Michael, and Billy. May the glory you experience in heaven outshine the glory you knew here on earth.